The Krystal Klear Difference!

Anyone can claim to have the best water purification system so it is important you understand what makes Krystal Klear different and better than anything else on the market:

  1. Unmatched results! Our products remove up to 99.9% of the chemicals and toxins from your water (third party tested and verified). Isn’t the whole point of owning a system to have the purest water for your family and home?
  2. Our Total Solution is truly Maintenance-Free! That means you don’t have to do a thing for at least 6 (although most owners go up to 10) years once it is installed. How can other companies claim zero maintenance when you have to change filters or remember to backwash every month?
  3. Highest quality & “state of the art” craftsmanship! If you were to handle our system, you’d notice how heavy, substantial and solid it felt. That is because it was designed and built to last. Not only that, but it is also has a “brain” – our system is so smart that it knows to do its own backwash when you wont even notice!
  4. Best & longest guarantees in the industry! What’s the point of buying the best if you can’t count on the company backing it up? We give you a full 6 months to try it in your home and a full 6 years of maintenance-free peace of mind after that. Nobody else stands by their product like we do!
  5. Quality you will notice! Every time someone makes a switch to our system, one of the comments we hear is how they notice a difference – water doesn’t smell, it tastes better, foods   taste better, skin and hair feel and look better.
  6. Safe for you and the environment! Our system never uses chemicals, salts or magnetics at any point of our process (this includes our patented descaler) so all the water going in and out is always safe for you, your home and the environment.
  7. Best value for the money! When you consider the cost of filters, wasted water, your time and energy to maintain other purification systems, dependability and actual water quality…the Krystal Klear Total Solution is the highest value and smartest investment you’ll ever make!


There is one more point… family! Not only is this a family owned business but everyone in our family has one of these units in our homes. If there was something better out there, we’d be using it. It is the only water purification system I trust to provide the very best water for my newborn baby girl. If your standards are as high as mine, I look forward to having you join our Krystal Klear family!

– Christopher Di Re